Home staging or styling is a strategic art form aimed at transforming your property into an attractive, welcoming, and highly sellable space. When done right, it can help potential buyers envision themselves living in your home and boost your chances of a successful sale. However, there are several common staging mistakes that can hinder your efforts and even turn potential buyers away. Here we will look at these pitfalls and provide you with tips on how to avoid them, making your house stand out and sell for a great price, even in a tough real estate market.

Being too Personal

One of the most common mistakes in home staging is over-personalisation. While your individual style is unique and beautiful to you, potential buyers need to envision the space as their own. Avoid overly personal decor, such as family photos, themed rooms, or bold colour choices that might not appeal to a broad audience.

Tip: Neutralise your colour palette and remove all personal items. Opt for subtle, universally appealing decor in neutral tones that will appeal to the vast majority of people. This allows buyers to imagine themselves living in the space and make a connection to your home. When buyers feel connected, they’re more inclined to make a higher offer.

Neglecting Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior sets the first impression, so neglecting curb appeal can be a costly mistake. An unkempt lawn, chipped paint, or cluttered entrance can turn potential buyers away before they even step inside.

Tip: Invest in simple landscaping, a fresh coat of paint, and a well-maintained entrance. Make sure the exterior of your home is as inviting as the interior.

Clutter and Excess Furniture

Too much furniture or clutter can make your home feel cramped, and chaotic. When selling your property you want to make it look and feel as spacious as possible, so remove any unnecessary furniture and décor to create a grand sense of space.

Tip: Replace bulky furniture with more slimline pieces, and declutter every room, removing personal items, and knick-knacks. Style countertops, shelves minimally and keep closets tidy to showcase the potential storage space.

Ignoring Repairs and Maintenance

Ignoring necessary repairs or maintenance issues can raise red flags for potential buyers. Leaky taps, squeaky doors, or cracked tiles can suggest neglect and turn buyers away.

Tip: Prioritise repairs and maintenance before staging your home. Fixing these issues can add value to your property and instil confidence in potential buyers.

Poor Lighting

Inadequate lighting can make your home feel gloomy, cold, and uninviting. Dark spaces can be a major turn-off.

Tip: Maximise natural light by opening curtains and blinds, and even consider investing in skylights in overly dark rooms. Add strategically placed lamps and light fixtures to brighten dim areas and ensure the colour temperature of your lighting is consistent throughout your home. A well-lit space feels much more spacious and inviting.

Overlooking Smells

Unpleasant odours can be a deal-breaker for potential buyers. Pet odours, cooking smells, or mustiness can deter them from exploring further.

Tip: Deep clean your home, including carpets, upholstery, and curtains. Use air fresheners or natural scents like fresh flowers or baking to create a pleasant ambiance.

Home staging is a powerful tool for selling your property quickly and at the best possible price. For the best result, it’s a good idea to seek out a professional styling service to stage your home, this will ensure your home is presented in the best possible light, giving you the best chance a successful sale and starting a new chapter in a new home.

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